How Long Are The Getaways?
Freshwater Point Resort Getaways:

Reservations at Freshwater Point Resort on the Gold Coast can be either 3 nights Friday to Monday for $99 or 4 nights Monday to Friday for $99.

Shearwater Resort Getaways:

Reservations at Shearwater Resort in Kings Beach on the Sunshine Coast can be either 3 nights Friday to Monday for $99 or 4 nights Monday to Friday for $99.

Fiji Palms Resort Getaways:

Reservations at Fiji Palms Resort are strictly 5 nights Friday to Wednesday for $99

Why Are These Getaways So Cheap?
The reason you get these holidays at such a reduced rate is because we’re essentially buying 90 minutes of your time to view our holiday membership product and we recognise your time is valuable.

We would rather spend our marketing budget on potential clients rather than give it to television or radio stations.

Does This Include Flights?

Nope, you’ll have to arrange your own flights.

But you can put your accommodation savings towards that 😉

How Long Do I Have To Use The Vouchers?
The voucher is valid for 12 months however a reservation must be requested within the first 90 days of receiving the voucher.
Ok, What's The Catch Here..?

A fair question.This is probably the best getaway deal to you’ve ever seen. The catch is this…We ask that you and your partner attend our obligation free 90 minute holiday membership presentation at the Quest Resort at 38 MacAlister Street on your preferred day between the 30th November and 15th December 2019 . It’s all obligation free of course, after the 90 minutes, you will be given a voucher to use for your chosen resort getaway.

How Many People Does The Getaway Cover?
The getaway covers two adults. Up to two children under 13 may be accommodated as well subject to availability however if you would like to upgrade to a 2 bedroom unit you may do so at half the normal cost.
Can I Give This As A Gift?
You certainly can as long as the recipients meet the eligibility criteria.

Are There Any Terms And Conditions?

You guessed right!

There are some terms that need to be met in order to claim the getaway.

Please see them below.

What Criteria Do I Need To Meet To Claim A Getaway?
Couples must be married or co-habituating for two or more years. Both Members of the couple must be a minimum of 28 years of age and no more than 65 years of age. Your combined annual income must be superior to $50,000 to qualify for the promotion.

You must also be a citizen of Australia or New Zealand.

You Must Attend A No-Obligation Holiday Membership Presentation

In order to receive your voucher for your holiday, you and your partner must attend the 90-minute no-obligation holiday membership presentation at Quest Resort in Mackay.

At the end of the presentation, you may collect your holiday vouchers as a thank you for your time whether you become a member or not.

Is There Anything That Will Disqualify Me From Claiming A Getaway?
You must not have already claimed this promotion within the last two years and you must not already be a member with ULTIQA.

Still Have Questions?

If you still have questions our booking agents are ready to answer them for you. Just enter your details on the booking form and one of our travel agents will give you a courtesy call to answer any questions you may have. By completing the form you are not committing to anything and we will not spam you or sell your information.

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