As you carry your bags and hold your boarding pass, ready to board your cruise, you may ponder of the things that await you. For first-time cruisers, having no idea of what to expect can be both exciting and overwhelming. While most cruise ships have different things to offer, they share many common features. Thus, there is always something to learn from anyone who would be nice to share some cruiser advice with you.

For cruise rookies out there, here are five things you can learn from experienced cruisers.

1. Seasickness 

This is probably the number one fear of most first-time cruisers and easily the most common reason many people don’t want to cruise. Well, the truth it, anyone can get seasickness – on a small boat. Large ships are equipped with stabilizers, keeping the boat from moving too much to the point that you can’t feel the waves. Also, the usual sailing speed of 21 to 24 knots helps.

There may be times when the sea can be rough, which is why you should always have a little bag of daily medications, like headache pills, anti-nausea medications, Band-Aids etc. There’s a good chance you may never touch those stuff, but better safe than sorry.

2. Beverages

If you’re like most people, you most likely would want to have a good time while cruising, after all, it’s a vacation. For most of us, this includes a couple of frosty alcoholic beverages at night. Though they can undoubtedly help you get a good time, prices can be expensive, and their cost can add up over the course of your cruise. So if this is something you can see yourself doing before your book your cruise, make sure you look into available beverage packages. Most cruise lines usually offer drink packages. .

3. Water Bottles

Save cash and save your back from stress by drinking the complimentary water available on the ship. There are water in the dining rooms, Lido stations, etc. You can even bring a reusable water bottle with you and fill it up every time you pass by the water station and bring it along with you to your room or when you go ashore.

4. Specialty Restaurants

Food served in specialty restaurants on cruises are definitely enticing. But most first-timer skip them to save money, and because there are already so much food available everywhere. However, specialty restaurants are not to be missed. You may want to splurge on this part of your trip and treat yourself with the best food available. You won’t regret it.

5. Complimentary Child Care

Child care is undeniably one of the best perks in cruise vacation. Let’s admit it, it’s hard to relax on cruise when you constantly need to keep your kids from getting bored, and we all know what happens when they get bored. Complimentary child care provides a win-win solution for the whole family. Of course, you must be aware of the minimum age and requirements of your cruise, as each cruise line and ship may have different policies. Also, usually, toddlers who aren’t potty-trained are not allowed in water facilities (pools).

These are five tips will come in handy for any first-time cruisers. Have fun!

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