The idea of a road trip is always exciting. But when you travel with your RV, it becomes all the more convenient as you bring all of your essentials during travel. It can also be a budget-friendly way to explore since you no longer have to worry about your accommodation when you reach a new city.

For the ultimate RV vacation, check out these top 7 spots that you need to head to right now:

South Padre Island

When it comes to RV vacations, there is no better place to go to than South Padre Island. This long barrier island is located within the Gulf of Mexico and at the southern part of Texas. One of the main reasons why RV vacationeers go to this site is the mile-long beaches that are available in the area. In addition, there are also designated campgrounds for those who want to stay for a bit longer.


Crater Lake National Park

This park in southern Oregon was named after the massive water-filled crater found on-site. The lake is filled by snow and rainwater and get up to 1,900 feet in depth. As one of the deepest lakes in the US, it provides the perfect backdrop for a night of camping. There are two campgrounds for those who would like to bring their RVs to the site; one has amenities, and the other is primitive with limited features). Choose your kind of adventure.


Fort Wilderness

When visiting the Magic Kingdom, take a walk to the wild side and bring your RV to the 750-acre Fort Wilderness. It is located within Epcot and Magic Kingdom. This is a great way to stay within close proximity to the amusement parks, rides and other attractions at Disneyworld but still having your own safe haven away from the crowd.



Key West Campground

This campground is located off the southern tip of Florida close to the Gulf of Mexico. It is a perfect spot to have your RV vacation in because it is close to downtown Key West but secluded enough so you can have a quiet RV camp. The beaches in the area are also suitable for swimming, fishing and snorkeling.



Colonial Williamsburg

This RV vacation spot in Virginia is popular with tourists and attracts up to 1 million tourists annually. The reason is clear: this 300-acre campground is teeming with amazing attractions and activities. It is also very accessible for those coming from the East and is a great place to spend your weekends in.




There is nothing better than Southern hospitality and your trip to Vicksburg will show you why. Located in Mississippi, this is an ideal spot for those looking to spend an idle night or wild summer drive. There are more than a dozen RV parks available within the area so you have plenty to choose from. The best ones include the Rivertown Campground, the Ameristar RV Park and Chotard Landing Resort. The latter is best suited for those who want to go fishing on the river.

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