Long stretch of beautiful beaches, excellent surfing spots, rainforests, and world-class theme parks, are all to be found in Gold Coast Australia. It’s easily one of country’s best places for family a vacation. Whether you’re looking for adventure getaways, a beach break or spend quality time with your loved ones in a sophisticated resort, Gold Coast has everything for you.  Hip bars and restaurants, cafes, shopping centers, etc. are scattered all around. Truly, you can’t run out of things to see and do in this side of Australia. So if you’re planning to take a plunge, you most definitely want a guide to help you get the best out of your stay. Here are the top five things you can’t afford to do in Gold Coast.

check-out-their-night-life-at-bars-and-nightclubs 5. Check Out Their Night Life at Bars and Nightclubs

The vibrant nightlife of this region is definitely a must-see, and the focal point for this is the “Surfers Paradise”. This place houses wide selection of bars and nightclubs, making it the biggest attraction. Majority of the nightlife in Gold Coast are concentrated around Orchid Avenue and Cavill, at the heart of Surfers Paradise. Each club has offers its own unique clubbing experience; each specialize in different music genres and age groups, from indie, hip-hop/RnB, classic rock, etc.

adventure-to-the-hinterland 4. Adventure to the Hinterland

While most people likely picture the beautiful beaches and surfer spots when imagining Gold Coast, it’s the greeneries that surround the region that actually rounds the package, making it such a good overall experience for people who love to wander in nature and looking for adventure. A 45-minute drive from the glitz and glamour of Surfers Paradise will take you to the scenic Gold Coast Hinterland, an oasis of huge long trees and abundant greeneries. Here you can find picturesque mountain views, cascading waterfalls, and a lot more, all in close distance from one another.

checkout-the-view-from-the-top-at-skypoint-deck 3. Checkout the View from the Top at SkyPoint Deck

As with most major metropolis around the world, Gold Coast also has its iconic tower in the name of Q1 building at Surfers Paradise. This attraction will take you to its Observation Deck, a viewing deck located at the 77th floor which features a 360˚ view of Surfers Paradise’ skyline. At the top you can see the lush green hinterland, vibrant blue ocean, and the seemingly endless stretch of the world famous Gold Coast beach.

hit-the-beach 2. Hit the Beach

As said earlier, Gold Coast is almost always synonymous to beaches and surfing spots, which is why you can’t afford to miss the beach when in this side of the country. The huge stretches of sand reach up to 57 km. in total, and whether you just want to swim, dip, surf, or bask in the sun, they have countless of choices to choose from. Each of Gold Coast’s beach offers something different, and perhaps the most popular is the Surfers Paradise.

People in this region take pride in their high quality and clean beaches. There are also plenty of dining choices, from cafes and restaurants, bars, public picnic, and barbecue areas. Also, the beach is regularly patrolled by volunteers from Surf Life Savers.

visit-the-theme-parks 1. Visit the Theme ParksTheme Parks are located all over Gold Coast, making this region an excellent holiday destination for the whole family. The best part about them is they’re all competing against each other to provide the best experience for their guests, making them a quality attraction on their own right. Each theme park offers something a little different from the other. They all draw huge cards of tourists, both interstate and overseas.

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