Are you afraid to fly?

You are not alone.

Despite the fact that airplanes are the fastest and most convenient mode of transportation, there are still a lot of people who suffer from the fear of flying.

According to studies, about 6.5% of the population has this fear.

News stories of planes crashing do not help the situation further.

To conquer your fear of flying and relieve anxiety when traveling, you should take note of these 8 easy but effective steps.

Step 1: Think Logically

Majority of the fear from flying stems from illogical fears, such as the plane losing power mid-flight.

This is a scary thought – everyone who rides a plane is scared of it but only a few are so deeply affected by it.

To get rid of anxiety stemming from this idea, you should think logically.

All airplanes are equipped with a backup power.

Commercial airline planes have at least one with every flight.

Depending on the type of aircraft, they might carry more.

This is to ensure that there will be sufficient power in case of a generator failure or other related mishaps.Fear of flying meme

Step 2: Keep Yourself Comfortable

One of the best ways to rid yourself of anxiety is to calm your body.

When your body is calm, it becomes easier for your mind to relax.

You can start by closing the window cover.

This will help overcome your fear of heights, if that is where the fear of flying is from.

You can also put a pillow to help rest the back of your head on. This will hopefully induce sleep and make you feel relaxed and not be too worrisome during the entire duration of your flight. You can also bring a sweater if you feel it is too cold inside the plane.

Step 3: Do Simple Exercises

You can bring a stress ball with you on the trip.

By squeezing the ball, you will be able to relax your tensed muscles and feel instant stress relief.

You’ll never know how this small exercise can alleviate tension you are feeling on your body.

If you don’t have a stress ball, you can bring a plush toy instead.

They could help you relieve stress whenever you feel tension or fear from flying.

Step 4: Distract Yourself

Read a book or play a game.

You can do whatever you can to keep your mind busy and distracted.

Just because you are on the plane that does not mean your mind has to be as well.

If you would be able to successfully thing of something else and distract yourself it will help calm you down and think more positively.

Once, you forget about your fear you would eventually forget that you are flying.

Step 5: Talk to a Friend

If you are traveling with your friend or a family member, engage in a talk with them.

Talking with them releases tension and stress of your body, as well as keep your mind distracted.

When talking on the plane, just be mindful about other passengers as well.

Try to talk to fun and interesting topics as much as possible cause if you still talk about your fears then it would not help.

You should talk more about funny experiences or something that would help you forget about your fear and keep you interested with the topic throughout the time that you are flying.

Step 6: Enlist the Help of Your Friend/s

When you are traveling with a friend, it becomes easier to manage your fear of flying.

Make them know about your fear.

That way, they can help distract you from the fear and do something fun instead.

Your friend can absolutely help you forget of your fear and think more about something else that would make the experience fun and exciting instead of being scared from flying.

Step 7: Get Some Sleep

When you are well slept during your flight, not only will your mind be distracted from the flight itself, but it will also relax both mind and body.

Recline your seat to make it more conducive to sleeping.

You can also consult your doctor about taking sleeping aids during the flight to make it easier for you to sleep.

So before flying you may take it and not feel anything especially fear during the flight.

Step 8: Use Reverse Psychology

The more you dwell on your fear, the bigger it becomes.

Therefore, apply the reverse psychology method to overcome the fear with ease.

Pretend that you love flying and don’t act nervous.

You will be amazed at how a simple act can alter your mood. It would be difficult to accomplish but mind over matter. You should think and believe that you are not scared of flying and eventually your fear of flying might be gone for good.

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