Everyone dreams of a luxury holiday on the Gold Coast…

Golden sandy beaches…

Amazing waves all along the coastline…

Attractions people travel from all over the world to see…

People flock to our lovely part of South East Queensland and it’s no wonder why.

But there’s a lot to do here on the Gold Coast that the tourist ads don’t show you.

So as locals, we thought we’d put together “an insider’s guide” to show you all the amazing things you can do here that you might not have heard of…

#1 Currumbin Rock pools
Located in the pristine hills of Currumbin valley are the Currumbin rock pools.

A natural river runs through the valley at a leisurely pace creating stunning rock pools. Although a little brisk in the winter time, during summer the rock pools provide a great day out for couples and families alike.

They’re definitely a “must do” while staying on the Gold Coast.

#2 Burleigh Hill
Burleigh headland is an absolutely amazing place to check out. If you’re staying on the Gold Coast this spot is a must for a romantic evening walk.

You can sit and watch the surfers catch some of the most amazing barrels in the southern hemisphere, walk the track throughout the hill to the top and see some of the Gold Coasts most amazing wildlife. In the evening further down the hill thousands of lorikeets come in to roost every night and it’s quite a site to see.

Sunday afternoons at Burleigh is known to the locals simply as “bongos” as all the local talent will converge and play bongos while the crowds gather for a dance. There’s quite often fire twirling as well so it’s definitely a must.

#3 Miami Marketa
The Gold Coast plays host to a multitude of markets… But none quite have the feel of “Miami Marketta”

Tucked away in a little industrial spot in Miami, the Miami Marketta plays host to some of Australia and New Zealand’s best talent. It’s always worth checking their website to see what’s on. Along with great musical acts they also have some of the most amazing street food from all over the world. It’s definitely a must to check out if you’re staying on the Gold Coast.

#5 The Hinterland
The Gold Coast hinterland is absolutely breathtaking. Filled with Australian wildlife and amazing scenery a trip into the hinterland up Tamborine Mountain is definitely something that needs to be on your to do list.

With everything from wine tasting to just sitting and watching the hang gliders take off from the top of the mountain the atmosphere is simply breathtaking.

There’s plenty of tours available or you can simply drive yourself.

It’s definitely a must before you leave the coast.

Feeling Thirsty?

For those of you who don’t mind a drink we’ve got you covered.

If you’re looking for a nice drink and a meal there’s two places you want to go.

Firstly you want to check out the Cambus Wallace in Nobbys Beach. Nestled behind two rather inconspicuous wooden doors is a great little bar with plenty of atmosphere, an incredible selection of spirits and one of the best espresso martinis you’ve ever had.

The food is fantastic and there are a few great bars up the street if you feel like a change of scene.

If you feel like going somewhere with a little more “buzz” you want to checkout Broadbeach. The loose moose has great food and a killer whiskey sour or there’s moo moos if you feel like the world’s greatest steak. (We’re not kidding Moo Moos is amazing…)

There’s so much more to the Gold Coast than beaches and Surfers Paradise.

The locals are friendly and only to welcome you into their backyard.

So get amongst it.

You won’t regret it.Save

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